Innovative service offerings to leverage the global telecommunications customer marketplace.


FastAs Pty Ltd is a proud Australian company established in 2007 to pursue service opportunities for the telecommunications industry.

FastAs recognises that the collective customer base of the world's telecommunications carriers now exceeds 7 billion subscribers - double the size of the current Internet user population.  This means that, collectively, telecommunications carriers enjoy the primary customer relationship with most of the orld's connected consumers.

Our strategic objective is to assist every carrier to profitably exploit this extraordinary, unrivalled position and to strengthen their role as the primary provider of real-time services to their subscribers.

Our Mission


FastAs will remain independently owned in order to ensure that each and every carrier can be assured that there are no conflicts of interest over the privacy and control of their customers and information.


02. Global Orientation

FastAs is globally focused with services specifically designed for the global telecommunications marketplace. This means that our services are crafted to deliver operational independence to each carrier whilst enabling legal and cultural compliance in every jurisdiction.

03. Strategic Partnering

FastAs services are provided directly to carriers in order to ensure that there can be no impact upon the relationship with their Subscribers. Our mission is to enable carriers to extend and enrich the range of services which they can profitably offer to their customers - without impinging upon their operational and strategic independence.